the 3k challange

The follow up from our report on @Cam_thereal and @ty.fxx We have reached out to both for a comment on the situation and have received comment form both parties. Here at The Forex Brand we are 100% unbiased and will never take sides on our stories. We just relay the facts and if these traders want to comment we will gladly report on those comments!

So we are here to discuss the @cam_thereal and @ty.fxx beef on the good ol Instagram. From what we have discovered it looks like @cam_thereal laid the first attack with a $250 offer to show a live withdrawal after the sept 24th post by @ty.fxx that offer has since quadrupled with a $1000 offer to show a live withdrawal. The response from @ty.fxx seems to be a 3k challenge with charts showing the trades. (we would like to see this challenge personally but nothing has been official yet.) When reaching out to @ty.fxx for a comment on the challenge she is quoted saying “….My personally information on the account don’t matter. I showed withdrawals and all my accounts are live and i ask for a trade off with account and charts”. On the other side of the lane it seems that @cam_thereal hasn’t seen those withdrawals and is still shouting fake! When we reached out for comment from Cam he said “id be more than glad to do the challenge but i only ask one thing provide a screen recording of the 9/24 profits showing 100k” and with that comment we seem to be at a bit of an catch-22. While @ty.fxx is claiming those withdrawal proof has been sent @cam_thereal hasn’t seen them apparently.

So will this challenge start this week or are we in for another back and forth clout battle? Seems to be a lot of back and forth on this one. Although we have seen a 3k account screenshot pop up from @ty.fxx but the deposit is blocked out so we were unable to verify authenticity.


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