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Not to much going on in the Insta Forex World this week, but we did have a little interesting news coming out of the @forexrobb camp with him heading over to Toronto to party with the @WicksDontLie & @Uncle_Ted crew. This just further legitimizes the @WicksDontLie crew and makes there movement even more PURE. With his daily live streams and his upcoming education meetup in Chicago,IL they just keep doing huge things for the Forex World

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Okay so im making a bet @ty.fxx can’t provide proof. All we need is a screen recording showing that date & the live account screen, let’s see if she shows proof or continues to insult me in efforts to change the subject to save her reputation. She claims to have made 100k trading forex in only 5 hours. Swipe right to see her claim. • #demo #demotraders #chart #charts #swingtrader #swingtrading #sniperentry #trendline #forex #technicalanalysis #forextrade #forextraders #forexlife #forexchart #intraday #intradaytrading #forexsignals #stoploss #takeprofit #fundamentalanalysis #scalptrader #FXtrading #FXtraders #metatrader #fibbonacci #reversalpattern #candlesticks #sniperentry #candlestickpatterns #confluence #daytrader

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Shifting gears we have got a DEMO trader call out by @Cam_thereal calling out @ty.fxx for being a straight demo baller. He cites the September 24th incident where @ty.fxx claimed she made an astonishing $106k in less then 5 hours!!! Now that is a huge payday and the last insta trader we verified making that kinda of payday was @Cuebanks. @Ty.fxx has yet to show any kind of withdrawal on any accounts. She hasn’t even withdrew that demo money!! But she does offer a sign up through Wealth Builders. After the @TheForexBrand went snooping to the website under @Ty.fxx Instagram Profile. After finally discovering the treasure of a sign up we discovered it was only a mere $219.99 signup fee and and $149.99 monthly fee. Id say a 100k would be easily attainable with those numbers Then again we still haven’t seen any live withdrawals. We will touch on the 3k challenge between these two later this week so check out our breakdown when we have some concrete evidence.


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