The Drawdown

If you follow @kingshaunlee on the good ol’ Instagram you are away of some major gold buys around the 1512, 1510, and 1505 levels. When last we checked gold it was at about 1499 before New York open on Tuesday. That leads up to obvious major draw down for Mr Shaun Lee on his Gold Buys. I’m sure somehow someway these trades will go into some kind of profit. Maybe there is enough capital for Shaun Lee to ride gold down to the 1480 level or maybe he is hedging? We really don’t know and as of the past track record we will probably never know! This Gold Buys of his will disappear into the universe never to be heard from again! We hit the screen shot on the story just to be safe! We will update you this time next week with approx losses or heck maybe even wins!

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